Chevrolet Suburban Is The Oldest Serving Car Nameplate In Auto History

DHIYANESH RAVICHANDRAN | Saturday, March 28, 2015 Be the first to comment!
We live in an era where car makers freshen up their cars and rename them more often than before. Very few cars stick to their nameplates across generations, mostly luxury brands. Budget brands hardly do that, partly because they prefer to project their cars as 'totally' new and latest by every face-lifts. Some of the iconic car model nameplates that are around for a while like Porsche 911, Chevrolet Corvette, or Ford Mustang are always interesting. It's a great way to get sense of how a car evolves over generations, and carry forward its legacy from past.

When we think about what car model has been around longer than any other in the automotive world, it is the Chevrolet Suburban SUV that is still in production without taking any breaks for 80 years since 1935. That’s longer than any other nameplate in the history. The Suburban is even claimed as "world's first crossover"! Even today, the Suburban stands distinct in the market and sets standards for large SUVs.

Getting Sense of 2015 Ford Endeavour From Thailand's New Everest SUV

DHIYANESH RAVICHANDRAN | Wednesday, March 25, 2015 1 Comment so far
Ford India plans to bring in the new third-generation Endeavour premium SUV by the end of this year to replace the existing one. The SUV, known as Everest in Thailand and in few other markets, is an Asia-Pacific market specific model and is a key model to Ford's UV business in the region.

The 2015 Bangkok Motor Show started yesterday, and witnessed the launch of the new 2015 Ford Everest. The Everest/ Endeavour is based on the Ford Ranger (T6) pick-up platform and features new exterior and interiors with a host of off-roading and safety features. Come on, lets grasp a sense of what out upcoming Ford Endeavour is up to!

New Mahindra Scorpio Automatic Is On The Cards

DHIYANESH RAVICHANDRAN | Sunday, March 22, 2015 Be the first to comment!
With the launch of the third-generation Scorpio last year, Mahindra is now all set to launch the automatic variant of its celebrated SUV. Motoroctane reports that they spotted a Scorpio test vehicle with an ‘Automatic’ badge on it recently. The report adds that the Scorpio AT is likely to be launched next month, by mid-April or within the end of the month.

Tata Motors Expands Prima Truck's Presence in Gulf (GCC) region

DHIYANESH RAVICHANDRAN | Saturday, March 21, 2015 Be the first to comment!
Tata Motors has recently launched the Prima range trucks in UAE and Oman. The Indian CV giant ventured into the Qatar market last year with its flagship Prima trucks, making its presence in three countries in the Gulf Cooperation region (GCC) i.e. the Arabian region. This is to be seen as a part of Tata's aggressive commercial vehicle exports programme. The company has sold 41,067 units (including all CVs) in various overseas markets in the current fiscal.

No One Can Be Better In Adding Doors Than Force Motors

DHIYANESH RAVICHANDRAN | Saturday, March 21, 2015 Be the first to comment!
OMG!!! Look at this! I was totally flabbergasted when I saw this spy picture of the Force Trax with 7-doors on test. When almost every car makers in India chat about 7-seater cars and third-row seats, here is a company that makes a 17-seater vehicle! A relaxed, stress-free Force Motors does that by simply extending the wheelbase and adding doors. Hey others, you may have got this idea, but only Force Motors can do that in every possible way!!

Mahindra Strikes Right Chord As SsangYong Tivoli Is Big Hit In South Korea

DHIYANESH RAVICHANDRAN | Thursday, March 19, 2015 Be the first to comment!
Mahindra's leadership walked a tightrope with the SsangYong project codenamed as ’X100’ that lasted for 42 months and 13 days. It was a kind of do or die situation for the company because its newly acquired SsangYong Motors was at the verge of bankruptcy and its fleet of cars totally sucked. The project did not just end up creating a really appealing car, but became almost historic. The SsangYong Tivoli compact SUV, the first model created under Mahindra & Mahindra ownership, is a big hit in South Korea, ushering SsangYong Motors into a whole new era.

Nissan Sway Concept And Its Future Beyond Micra

DHIYANESH RAVICHANDRAN | Wednesday, March 18, 2015 Be the first to comment!
Nissan's trendy Sway concept may beget into a new range of car(s) within the subcompact class in Europe, not necessarily to replace Micra in future. The future Micra sold in Europe and India are to be completely different either.

The Sway concept, which was previewed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show last week, is not to replace the upcoming 2016 Micra for the European markets, which is due next year. Nissan’s Europe head, Paul Willcox, has rejected any such gossips and further added that the concept is utterly a test of ‘new design’.

2016 Jaguar XF To Feature iQ Platform, Ingenium Engines

DHIYANESH RAVICHANDRAN | Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Be the first to comment!
Jaguar’s next-generation mid-size luxury sedan XF, which awaits a global launch at the New York Auto Show next month, was spotted testing at the Canary Islands, off the Moroccan coast in mid-Atlantic. It is under extensive post-production tests in various countries. Though the test mule was camouflaged inside out, the spy pictures by the Auto Week readers makes it obvious that the car has grown lengthwise relatively to the existing model, which will benefit cabin space and rear legroom.

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